I'm attempting to create a formula that essentially counts the days between today's date and the date entered in a cell. So far I believe it works. See below:

=DATEDIF(H3, Today(), "D")

My dates are entered into column H and the formula is in column I.

My issue is if no date is entered it results with "43201". I would like it to stay blank or I'd settle with a dash or something. Right now I applied a conditional formatting to turn the cell black if it contains 43201..not an ideal solution.

I've looked and tried a few formulas but none seem to work with Google Sheets.

The formula

=IF(ISBLANK(H3), "", DATEDIF(H3, Today(), "D"))

puts the empty string if H3 is blank. This is probably enough for your purpose.

Technically, the real blank output would be achieved with

=IF(ISBLANK(H3), , DATEDIF(H3, Today(), "D"))

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