I'm trying to conditionally format a cell with a graduated colour (traffic light: green/ amber/ red), when a range of other cells are completed with text within google sheets.

In other words, 4 cells (B3:B6) will be completed with information so when no cells or 1 cell contains text, then my target cell (B2) will show green. When 2 or 3 cells are completed then B2 will show amber and when all 4 cells are completed then B2 will show red.

I hope this makes sense & can help.

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use the custom formula option. enter =COUNTBLANK(B3:B6) = 0 for your red condition.

=AND(COUNTBLANK(B3:B6) > 0, COUNTBLANK(B3:B6) < 3) for your amber condition

=COUNTBLANK(B3:B6) > 3 for the green condition

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