I'm trying to create an app that imports contacts and puts them in a spreadsheet, but I keep getting this error: TypeError: Cannot call method "getAddress" of undefined

This even happends from the sample code from the gscript website:

var contacts = ContactsApp.getContactsByName('John Doe');
 var homeAddress = contacts[0].getAddresses(ContactsApp.Field.HOME_ADDRESS);

I get the error:

TypeError: Cannot call method "getAddress" of undefined

also get the same thing when trying to import phone numbers even though it imports names and id's


The error message says that homeAddress[0] is undefined, which means that the method getAddresses(ContactsApp.Field.HOME_ADDRESS) returned empty array, which means the contact does not have a Home Address listed. Add a check for such situation:

var homeAddress = contacts[0].getAddresses(ContactsApp.Field.HOME_ADDRESS);
if (homeAddress.length) {
else {
  Logger.log('No home address found')
  • What if there isnt any labor though? – Josh Carp Apr 24 '18 at 3:18
  • Label* I want to get any email thats there – Josh Carp Apr 24 '18 at 3:54

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