I have an issue where muted threads keep coming back to my inbox, despite the fact that my address does not appear in the to:, cc:, or bdd: fields. This is also not due to "important" messages overriding filters and showing up in the inbox (as described in an answer by Sarah Price). I wrote something in google apps script that finds muted threads and archives them. With that set to run every minute, things have been good until today. Just now, a muted thread showed up in my inbox, and the script did not archive it. Out of curiosity, I went into my settings and switched off conversation mode. The most recent message in that thread was in my inbox (though none of the earlier messages in that thread). The curious thing is that it was not marked as muted.

If a thread is marked as muted, should new messages in that thread also be automatically marked as muted?

  • I think that this issue might be related to have a filter in place so that messages on a particular list or group never get sent to spam. I'm not sure why a "Never send to spam" rule would interfere with muting, so I am hesitant to draw this conclusion before doing more testing. – Paul de Barros Jun 22 '18 at 16:06

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