Tab Data is as under

Date_A       Project_ID
01-May-18   EL-PR-18-08709-1
02-May-18   EL-PR-18-08709-1
01-May-18   EL-PR-18-08709-1
03-May-18   EL-PR-18-08709-1
02-May-18   EL-PR-18-08709-1
01-May-18   EL-PR-18-08709-3
04-May-18   EL-PR-18-08709-3
03-May-18   EL-PR-18-08709-3
05-May-18   EL-PR-18-08709-3
05-May-18   EL-PR-18-08709-3
30-Apr-18   EL-PR-18-08709-2
01-May-18   EL-PR-18-08709-2
02-May-18   EL-PR-18-08709-2

I want to Query Max(Date_A) based on a particular Project ID and want to place it in Tab Main, I have tried =Query(Data!A1:B12,"Select max(A) where B='EL-PR-18-08709-1'",1) but it gives Parse error.

I understand that Max cannot be used with where clause.

  • Maybe the cause of the problem is the regional settings of your spreadsheet causing that you should use ; as parameter separator instead of ,. – Rubén May 7 '18 at 20:57
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    For me, the query formula is working as well. It's perfectly possible to use MAX and WHERE clauses together in a QUERY(). Maybe share your spreadsheet so that we can debug the problem further. – ttarchala May 8 '18 at 7:59

Thanks for your comment, Ruben. Actually , as a parameter separator is working nicely on my computer, so that is not the issue. Query function does not permit to use Max and where together in a query. Anyhow, I could find another way to extract the Max date as per my criteria by the following formula ;


I am writing this formula in Tab Main in the cell where I want this Max date.

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    "Query function does not permit to use Max and where together in a query." Not true. It must be something else. – TheMaster May 9 '18 at 14:26

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