I'm trying to use the Gmail Inbox Feed.

The URL to the Gmail feed is https://mail.google.com/mail/feed/atom.

My problem is that it doesn't seem like it shows new emails if they are grouped into an existing conversation. The feed is only showing the oldest email from each conversation. I want to see all the latest emails I received in my inbox. Curiously, the <issued> tag shows the date and time of the newest email even though the email in that containing <entry> tag is an old one.

If you want to reproduce this problem yourself: send an email to yourself, then reply to that email with a different message so that both emails show up in the same conversation. Then mark them both as unread by clicking the dropdown arrow on the oldest email and then clicking "Mark unread from here". If you go to the feed URL above, it will only show the first email you sent to yourself.

Is there a setting or parameter that I can set in order for the feed to show all latest emails? Or at least the newest email in each conversation?

I tried turning "Conversation View" off at Settings > General but that didn't solve my problem.

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