I have a list of books on Google Sheets that will be turned into a paged layout on InDesign. Each book has two additional information besides its title (year and theme). Like this

Sample list of books

But I need this list to be structured in a stacked way. Grouping first by year, and then by theme, like this (I've formatted the cells just to clarify):

Stacked list

I currently do this stacking manually, and it requires quite a lot of time. Is there some sort of formula, or tool, to solve this problem? I guess it can be done with scripting, but I wanted to know if there's a non-scripting way to do it before diving into Google sheets script documentation.

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=ArrayFormula(TRANSPOSE(SPLIT(JOIN(",",IF(A2:A10=A1:A9,,"Year "&A2:A10)&","&C2:C10&","&IF(B2:B10=B1:B9,,B2:B10)),",")))


  1. We could use a 2D references to make comparisons, i.e. A2:A10=A1:A9.
  2. Using and empty argument for the value if true or value if false of IF returns a blank.
  3. & concatenates values and functions results. We are using a comma as separator between IF results and the values of C2:C10.
  4. JOIN joins the values of a 1 x n or n x 1 range. We are using a comma as separator.
  5. SPLITS separate subtext of a text. We are using a comma as subtext delimiter.
  6. ArrayFormula expands the result of the inner formula to range of the required size by the result.

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