We use G-suite to manage users on an educational project.

Our admin console looks like this:

I created the users by uploading an csv file with relevant columns. This is ours:

MacBook-Air:Downloads josephreddington$  more UserData-equalitytime.co.uk-20180425.csv 
First Name,Last Name,Email Address,Password,Secondary Email,Work Phone 1,Home Phone 1,Mobile Phone 1,Work address 1,Home address 1,Employee Id,Employee Type,Employee Title,Manager,Department,Cost Center

(The actual password for those accounts have since been changed - that's the problem)

The accounts are all created correctly but the passwords don't work. I have to reset each one manuals. What might be wrong with my CSV file ?

(The email addresses are either mine, or created for a single project)


Add the following column header:

Change Password at Next Sign-In

From Add several users at once

To require a user to change their password the next time they sign in to their account, enter TRUE. Otherwise, leave the column empty or enter FALSE.

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