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I have a google account based on an email name that I don't really like(used native spelling instead of the English one and now live abroad). I have LOTS of things tied to it though, (Android, drive etc) plus apps that login with Google authentication.

I exclude 3rd party apps that used directly the email for making an account, since not much can be done for that.

I would like to start using a new email with a better name for everything, or have both accounts kind of managed in parallel, without need to think which of the two I am really using.

It must be such a common need, but can't find anything conclusive online... Please help :)

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You can create a new account.

The following Google support page is about a different topic (merging accounts), but contains info and a link about transferring data from one account to another, which is possible on a per-product basis:


Regarding the Gmail email address, you can let the old one forward emails to the new one. Additionally, in the new one, under Gmail Settings --> Accounts and Import, you can set from which address you reply by default, and what the Reply-To address should be.


Gmail allows to send emails from a different email address of alias

If you own another email address, you can send mail as that address. For example:

  • Yahoo, Outlook, or other non-Gmail address
  • Your work, school, or business domain or alias, like @yourschool.edu or youralias@gmail.com
  • Another Gmail address

Also Gmail is able to Check emails from other accounts

If you have multiple email accounts, you can check them in Gmail. You can choose from the following options:

  • Get all messages (old and new): Choose this option if you still use another email address, including another Gmail address. There might be a short delay in showing new messages.
  • Get only old messages: Choose this option if you recently switched to Gmail from another provider.
  • Forward only new messages: Choose this if you want your new messages immediately.