I have a .csv that I import into Google Sheets. This contains data for multiple clients. Right now, I have to manually split this sheet into different workbooks/files and share each individual file with each different client. Each client then receives a file with only their data in it.

I would like to reduce my workload and set up filters with restricted permissions so that I can just share one file with all of my clients. They can then only use the filter I have shared with them and there is only one file to manage.

Is this plan completely foolproof? (hold the laughter)

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Recently Google improved the security of Google Sheets by introducing the block of share, create a copy, download, print directly from the application but it's not possible to block the access to visible parts to certain users. If they can view the file, they will be able to see all that is visible. For details ee Stop, limit, or change sharing

Viewers can't unhide sheets, rows or columns unless the made a copy of the file. So be careful and block that before sharing your spreadsheet.

We could use IMPORTRANGE to import the data from a master spreadsheet and then use FILTER / QUERY / Pivot Tables to limit the data to be displayed.

AFAIK if we use the Google Sheets UI filters, viewers could override them by using filter views.

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