I am currently helping a company with their booking system. It uses Google Sheets.

I know that data can be shared between sheets. I am wondering if data can be shared between sheets, such that

  • sheet A references sheet B.
  • sheet A is readable by user, sheet B is not readable by user.

I realise that with conventional file security this is impossible. However because Google Sheets is hosted, it could be done. (like Unix set UID/GID (on executable files): Sheet A and B are owned by user U, who has all permissions, user V has read on sheet A. User U adds set GID to this copy of sheet A.)

So is it possible using Google Sheets?


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This is what I have found out.

  1. Add formula =importRange(«url of file B»,«range») to file A. This makes the content of part of one file appear in the other (the one with the formula.
  2. Share file A, read only (Do not give edit/write permissions. If you give edit/write permission then they can gain read access to the other file, my editing or adding an importRange function).

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