Is there a way to set reminders based on a recurring due date?

In the case of a task with an annual task with due date "ev 23 Apr", I have been able to set a reminder "ev 20 Apr 10:00" to ensure I get a reminder 3 days before the due date at 10am. But that's an annual task and I've had to calculate the reminder offset manually.

How would I get a reminder at 10am 3 days ahead of a task with due date "ev 6 months from 30 Jul"?

NB: I tried "due -3 days 10:00" but "due" was ignored and it interpreted it as "3 days before today at 10am starting next year"

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Yes... but only if your due date also has a due time.

  1. Add a due time to your six-monthly task: "ev 6 months from 30 Jul 10:00".
  2. Now select the Reminders icon. Because you have added a time to the due date, a new option will appear "Before task". Select this.
  3. You'll be presented with a list of options. Select "3 days before".


  • If you want your reminder to be at 10:00, your due time must be 10:00. Not ideal, but a small compromise to get the feature.
  • If you wanted your reminder to be "5 days before", you can't do this at present, because that isn't one of the options and this isn't currently a free text field.

See also Todoist Help: Reminders

Thanks to David Trey at Todoist support for providing the answer via email.

  • I wish this limitation has been removed from Todoist because there is a big disadvantage of due time in Todoist... This is changing the order of the tasks displayed in Today view. In the vast majority of my use cases, I don't want my tasks to be at the top of the list just because they have a due time. And one of the great thing about reminders is that they don't affect the order.
    – Samuel
    Commented Aug 1, 2023 at 13:18

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