I am trying to give my daughter consent to continue using her Twitter account. She is well above the required age, but since GDPR it seems Twitter wants me to fill out a parental consent form.

I've tried more than five times now with different documents. But Twitter keeps replying cryptically:

we are unable to verify your information based on the materials you submitted.

Please resubmit your materials, making sure you properly provide us with all requested information

There are two documents I am supposed to upload:

Your identification - Upload a copy of your valid government-issued photo ID to confirm your identity (e.g., driver's license, passport, etc.)

As identification, I've uploaded a scanned image of my passport.

The second document is the one most likely to be the problem:

Guardianship Information - Upload documentation authorizing you to act on behalf of your child’s behalf (e.g. power of attorney, birth certificate, documents showing parental/guardianship rights of minor children). Please upload a legible copy with your child’s full name and date of birth completely visible.

Here I've tried different things. In Sweden there is no such thing as a "birth certificate". But we have "personbevis" for family purposes ("Familjebevis"). I have tried uploading my daughters personbevis and I have tried uploading my own personbevis showing that I am her guardian. I have also tried uploading a scanned copy of her passport.

But whatever I do I keep getting the response "unable to verify your information based on the materials you submitted"

What am I supposed to upload?

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