I just found out there was still activity being recorded at https://account.microsoft.com/privacy/activity-history despite me answering 'don't use my data' to all the questions in the last large Windows update.

I think I turned that off now (via Windows privacy settings), but how do I batch-delete all the entries left there? There are hundreds, so deleting them one by one would be a lot of work.

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If you wanna clear all the HISTORY then-

1st Step

2nd step


Batch-deletions are only supported per activity type, so I had to select each in the Filter by data type-list to the left first (excluding All data types). The activity can then be deleted with the Clear activity button to the right.

  • I admit I completely failed to notice the instructions in that block of text near the top of the page. I think the marketing-speak in the first sentence switched off my brain or something.
    – Tamschi
    Commented Jun 3, 2018 at 11:36
  • (This answer is outdated now, since the website changed at some point.)
    – Tamschi
    Commented Aug 24, 2021 at 23:36

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