I have a set of labels and sublabels like this:

user/project 1/
user/project 1/money/
user/project 1/time/
user/project 1/etc/

I'd like to copy this label structure into a another label:

archive/user/project 1/
archive/user/project 1/money/
archive/user/project 1/time/
archive/user/project 1/etc/

I understand that with Gmail, the messages would have both sets of labels, but that's what I want to do for organizational reasons.

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I found a workaround to this with Thunderbird and the Copy Folder extension. After creating the top-level in Gmail, loading the Gmail account into Thunderbird and copying the folder will apply the new folder labels to the containing emails as expected.

Downloading the messages in a label as .MBOX files via Takeout is also an option.

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