I have a spreadsheet, using google sheets, that I have formed into the following metrics:

Column A is the dates of the month
Column B is the data

I want to be able to copy the data from Column B into Column D Cell 1 based on today's date and have Column D Cell 1 update every day based on the day of the month it is.

Today's date 6/6/2018

Data is pulled from Column B using the defined date of today, and posted into D:1, and each new day the column is automatically updated.

Any help is appreciated.

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=VLOOKUP(DAY(TODAY()), A:B, 2, True)


  • arg1: item to match
  • arg2: data-range
  • arg3: data to be picked from nth column of matching row
  • arg4: is_sorted

more here

enter image description here

Hope this helps!


You're probably looking for a VLOOKUP such as this:


This will look in column A from cell 2-32 for today's date and get the value from column B in the same row. Note that you might want to modify the spreadsheet settings calculation as it by default only calculates today on change.


=QUERY( A1:B6; "select B where A =date """&TEXT(TODAY();"yyyy-mm-dd")&""" "; 0)

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