I think Github changed the search bar functionality.
Now when I type anything into the search bar, it defaults to searching within the repo that I'm browsing.

I want to search the entire Github in this case.

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Unfortunately your request doesn't seems to be possible[1] without any extension or script that will change GitHub's functionality.

  • It's not new at all, I don't remember how long it's that way - but not from lately.
  • The options you have are:
    • Search in the repo and then click the "view all results.." to search entire GitHub.

      N code results in X/Y or view all results on GitHub

    • Go to the homepage or navigate to the search page.
    • Write an extension/script that will alter this behavior for you.

You can read more about this on this article:

[1] As I wrote, you might develop a small thing that will alter this behavior for you, but it doesn't seem to be possible just with GitHub.

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