I was trying to do a VLOOKUP in a column and print results of a column left to the on to be searched. So I tried put them into an Array to move the search column to the front. But for some reason the comma delimiter doesn't work in Formulas.

What I tried to do:

=VLOOKUP("search-term"; {B:B, A:A}; FALSE)

This results in a formula parse error, also the B:B Range is not colored. This also results in a formula parse error:

{B:B , A:A}

I can workaround by using:


But that gets really chaotic really fast. Is there a reason why the comma delimiter doesn't work?


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You can't use , because of your locale. You should use \ instead.


Note: For countries that use commas as decimal separators (for example €1,00), commas would be replaced by backslashes (\) when creating arrays.

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