When the value in the "Amount Owed" column becomes less than 0, I want the value in the "Year" column to appear under "Year Paid Off."

For example, if the "Amount Owed" dropped below zero at "Year" 1, I would want 1 to appear under "Year Paid Off"

I've tried a few different ways but nothing seems to work. I thought I could just do something like =if(f6:f130<0,c6:c130) but that seems way off.

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if there will be only one possible negative value try this:

E2: =FILTER(C6:C130;F6:F130 <0)

if there will be more than one possible negative values try this:

E2: =TRANSPOSE(FILTER(C6:C130;F6:F130 <0))

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    Thank you so much that works great! I went with the second option because there are multiple negatives, which outputted all along row 2. To get rid of the superfluous values I found that you can simply use E2: = index(filter(c6:c130,f6:f130<0),1) to only draw the first value. Jun 19, 2018 at 13:13

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