Until now I have forwarded all incoming Gmail to a daytime address. I would say about 50 people regularly correspond using this Gmail address.

Now I want to use it for a new private correspondence, and for that single sending address, do not want these emails forwarded. I don't want to have to setup 50 forwarding rules just to exclude one.

Is there a way to setup an exclusion rule to forwarding?

For example, if there is a filtering rule on the new address just to label those mail messages, will this de facto avoid them being processed by the blanket forwarding rule?


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In the forwarding filter, you should put a - (minus sign) in front of the email address to be excluded. See this helpful Q&A and Google's documentation:

If you only want to forward certain kinds of messages to another account, create a filter for these messages.

  • Spot on, thanks SImlev. So the answer was to disable blanket forwarding and setup a single filter with -<email address to exclude> and the filter rule is to forward as before.
    – Alexanderson
    Jun 25, 2018 at 14:32

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