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I am looking for a function to display the Title (from column B) that has the lowest numerical average in column (found from column G). I have that already in the form of


but I would like to further specify it so that it only grabs the Title with the lowest average, that is also of a certain Category. So let's say I'd want a function to search for the Title with the lowest average only in Category A, I would want that to display "B" instead of "K", which the above function outputs.

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Do unmerge I2:I. And fill all corresponding rows with category name to use FILTER.

  • CAT A: =INDEX(B2:G5; MATCH(MIN(G2:G5); G2:G5; 0); 1)

  • CAT B: =INDEX(B6:G11; MATCH(MIN(G6:G11); G6:G11; 0); 1)

  • CAT C: =INDEX(B12:G15; MATCH(MIN(G12:G15); G12:G15; 0); 1)


  • Thanks, but is there a way to make it search for the category? So if I have multiple instances of Category A in the I column, I won't have to add the ranges manually? Jun 30, 2018 at 3:22
  • @Arynthesizer you would need to unmerge cells under Category for that
    – user0
    Jul 31, 2018 at 22:20
  • CAT A: =INDEX(B2:B; MATCH(MIN(FILTER(G2:G; I2:I = "Category A")); G2:G; 0))

  • CAT B: =INDEX(B2:B; MATCH(MIN(FILTER(G2:G; I2:I = "Category B")); G2:G; 0))

  • CAT C: =INDEX(B2:B; MATCH(MIN(FILTER(G2:G; I2:I = "Category C")); G2:G; 0))


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