I used to be able to do this with the old profile. Since Facebook upgraded me to the new profile I cannot select friend lists in the privacy settings or even below single posts anymore although the lists all still exist and older posts/settings have not been affected...

For now I can only type in single names of people I want to be able to see a certain post/link/photo or make it visible to everyone, which is extremely bothering...

Maybe it is a bug, I wrote to Facebook help about this a few days ago but have yet to get a response...

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The settings are still there when you post.

In the case below I have a list called Locked and I allow everyone except those in that list.

Publisher showing Privacy Setting

You can always edit this by clicking on it.

Editing the Privacy setting

From there the same way that you will reference a friend, is the same way you would reference a list. Just type the list name. Below I used it in the hide list, but you could do the same with "Make this visible to" , just select "Specific People"

Updated Settings showing the Locked List

So you could say the "These people" could have been a bit more descriptive and said "These people and lists"

For older posts there is a little lock icon that shows the privacy settings for that particular item.


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