I read at https://support.google.com/inbox/answer/6067587?hl=en-GB that one can "pin" an email message.

I can't find how or where to do that.

Is that feature a thing of the past? If it still exists, where should I be looking?

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    That's a feature of Inbox by Gmail, not old-fashioned Gmail. – ale Jul 12 '18 at 0:40
  • @ale - Oh! I never heard of that before. I looked it up in wikipedia. I am not running that program. No wonder I couldn't find the pin feature. I suggest you turn your comment into an answer. – aparente001 Jul 12 '18 at 4:28
  • I've added an answer. – ale Jul 12 '18 at 12:49


  • In your inbox, go to a bundled labels like "Promos" or "Social," or a time section like "Today"
  • Pin any emails you still want to get to.
  • In the top right, select Sweep. Make sure you choose the sweep icon for that label or time section.
  • To see a list of only your pinned emails and reminders, click the switch at the top of your inbox Pin Slider . This lets you focus on just the things you need to do, without being distracted by the rest of your emails.


NOTE: if you are on the latest Gmail, then there are no pins. there is a similar future - Add to Tasks and it can be found under More button after you select an email


I've been able to achieve a result that's similar to "Pinning" via the settings of the inbox. Basically configuring it like in the image below makes all the starred messages act as "Pinned" - They appear on the top of the inbox and can't be removed from there without unstarring the message:

enter image description here

I've posted more detailed instructions here:



That's currently a feature of Inbox by Gmail, not old-fashioned Gmail. Inbox uses slightly different paradigms for managing your email, although it uses the same pool of email messages.

That's why you're not seeing it.


all emails pinned in Inbox can be found using label:pinned in search box

then you can use stars and labels in gmail to simulate this feature



I have the Firefox Inbox add on. This is very helpful. However I don't know if the awesome PIN feature will stop working after March. I plan on using it as long as I can. This feature is perfect for quick access without having to navigate throughout gmail either on web or app.


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