I have 10 KML simple tracking route files. I have created a map with 10 layers and placed them all in a separate layer. Then I moved to Google Maps (not Google My Maps) I was expecting to open current map with tracks there. Google Maps had complained regarding too many layers there.

How many layers maps does Google Maps support? Can I somehow place all KML tracks in one layer in order to see in Google Maps? What might be other ways to solve my problem?

  • MEL is limited to 3 layers in KML
  • MEP is limited to 10 layers in KML

So that is the maximum number of tracks that can be contained in one custom map. The actual maximum number could be lower since picture markers are imported into their own layer.

One small thing that might help, if you export a 'directions' layer, as KML (or the whole map), can then import that KML back into a new layer. On reimport it becomes layer of raw 'features' (lines and placemerks) rather than a 'special' layer.

So you can drag the features from this imported layer, into a standard layer. Including many lines in one layer. Bit by bit can then 'move' all the lines to a standard layer. Can then put LOTS (2000) such lines into a single primiatve layer.

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