Google Sheets formula for outputting PASS or FAIL in one cell based on the color (green or red) of another cell?

  • for further assistance, you will need to edit your question and add additional information: 1. conditional formatting formula/rule for green/red 2. which cell turns green/red 3. in which cell you need pass/fail to be displayed
    – user0
    Jul 20, 2018 at 15:44

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if you have a cell (A1) that has conditional formatting set in a way that it will turn red or green and then you have another cell (B1) where you want to display pass or fail based on red/green cell... use that conditional formatting from a first cell (A1) directly as a criterion for your second cell (B1) in a way where you will use IF formula like:

=if(conditional formatting of cell A1 = green, display "pass", otherwise display "fail")


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