I have two possible phone numbers:

One with 9 digits (mobile) and 8 digits (landline), and I need to insert - after 4 or 5 digits so they appear as 0000-0000 when 8 digits, and 00000-0000 when they are 9 digits.

Also, need to get a country and state codes like this +00 (00) the numbers inside the parentheses are the state codes.

I managed to get a formula that works with one or another, but not both. Can anyone help?

"+"?? (##) ????-???? > Works for 8 digit numbers

"+"## (##) ?????-???? > Works with 9 digits.

Any help, please?


like this:

=IF(AND(A1>9999999;  A1<=99999999);  "+"&"55"&" ("&"00"&") "&LEFT(A1;4)&"-"&RIGHT(A1;4);
 IF(AND(A1>99999999; A1<=999999999); "+"&"55"&" ("&"00"&") "&LEFT(A1;5)&"-"&RIGHT(A1;4);

and then "00" / "55" can be referenced from a cell for ultimate comfort

  • How to use this formula? Sorry I don't get it – Freedo Jul 29 '18 at 4:03
  • @Freedo simply put your brazilian phone number in A1 cell and then this formula in B1 cell. formula checks if the number is 8 digit long or 9 digit long and then based on that it will add stuff you requested – user0 Jul 29 '18 at 7:24
  • @Freedo >> if A1 is number larger then 9999999 and smaller or equal to 99999999 (eg. all 8 digit possibilities you can ever have), then add "+" followed by "55" followed by " (" followed by "00" followed by ") " followed by 8 digit number separated in the middle with "-" (eg 4 digits from left side of the number from A1 cell and 4 digits from right side of the number from A1 cell) – user0 Jul 29 '18 at 7:35

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