I know very little about Google Sheets and all I want to do is create a cell that will display the beginning and end of the week, like this: 7/22-7/28.

I'd like to be able to drag this across multiple cells and have it be the next week's dates. Can anyone help with this?




Drag to right.

  • Two dates are initialized and a column number*7 is added per each column.
  • TEXT to format dates " m/dd"
  • JOIN the 2 dates by -

with one more column:

  • cell A1: =TEXT(DATE(2018,7,15)+B1,"m/d")&"-"&TEXT(DATE(2018,7,21)+B1,"m/d")

  • cell B1: 7

  • cell B2: =B1+7

and then drag down A1 and B2


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