We have a "Google Drive Spreadsheet" that 4 team members use. (User A, B, C, D)

Users need to apply filters to the spreadsheet, but from time 2 or more users are trying to filter the spreadsheet at once. This causes issues as they may be trying to filter the data to review it / analyse it on different things.

Is it possible User A filter data in a way that it will only be visible to User A, but if User B, C, D where in the spreadsheet they would see the unfiltered data and be able to create their own filters which would in turn no impact upon other users either?

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You need to have the users define "Filter views" through the Data -> Filter Views menu. See Create, name, and save a filter view

Basically, this creates a filtered view which only one user sees, and several users can have different filter views active on the same data at the same time.

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