Suppose I have a list of people with unique first and last names, in two columns, B and C. See example spreadsheet here.

Cell E6 contains the following text:

Firstname1 would like to say hello to Firstname2. Firstname3 also says hello.

I would like to write an in-cell formula (i.e., not using custom functions) that goes through the text and replaces first names with the corresponding last names. The result should look like this:

Lastname1 would like to say hello to Lastname2. Lastname3 also says hello.

I tried the following, but it seems not to work:


Any ideas? It's important that the solution not use a custom formula.

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Yes you need additoinally add a regexextract step:

=regexreplace(A1,"(Firstname[0-9])",VLOOKUP(regexextract( A1,"Firstname[0-9]"),B:C,2,false))

enter image description here

  • SPLIT E6 by space to give a array
  • VLOOKUP the corresponding words in B:C
  • IF #N/A, Use the SPLITted array
  • JOIN back the modified array

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