I've got a problem. I'm trying to import data in my google sheet document using =ImportXML with XPath from this page : https://www.boursorama.com/bourse/produits-de-bourse/cours/warrants/2rPDE000HV19H99

What i want is to pick up the 1st value which is right bellow this : FB/UCB WT 18

So by inspecting the page with Google Chrome, i find the right line and copy its XPath. It gives me that :


I go on my Google Sheet document, write this :


With inside J57 this :


But i'm getting no value :


I need your help to fix the XPath problem, i don't know at all what's wrong with it, it is really annoying...

And asweel i'd like to know how to put put the XPath directly inside the command: i can't because of the " .

Thanks a lot.

My Google Sheet document

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