I have a Google Sheets spreadsheet which is populated from a Google Form. The spreadsheet contains the following columns:

  • timestamp
  • numericValue

I want to be able, to sum up, the numericValue column for all rows that were added in the last 24 hours.

I have tried the following formula on a second sheet:

=dsum('Form responses 1'!A:B,"numericValue", Criteria!A1:A2)

And on a third sheet (Criteria) have the following in column A:

>=now() - 1

I always get a count of zero, I assume DSUM isn't parsing my criterion correctly.

Is there another simple way to achieve what I want?

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=SUMIF('Form responses 1'!A:A,>(now()-1),'Form responses 1'!B:B)

Sheet2, cell A1: =FILTER(Sheet1!A:B,Sheet1!A1:A < NOW(), Sheet1!A1:A > NOW()-1)

Sheet2, cell E1: =SUM(B1:B)



one-liner: =SUMIFS(Sheet1!B1:B,Sheet1!A1:A,">"&(NOW()-1),Sheet1!A1:A,"<"&(NOW()))


I guess you need this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/

=SUMIFS('Form responses'!B1:B,'Form responses'!A1:A,">"&Criteria!A1,'Form responses'!A1:A,"<"&Criteria!A2)

where sheet Criteria has:

  • cell A1: =(NOW()-1)
  • cell A2: =(NOW())

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