I am using Google Sheets and I would like to convert some boolean columns (already filled with True/False values) into the "new" (launched April 2018) Tick box format. This would be handy to update the values with a simple click/keypress.

From booleans to checkboxes

However, I don't understand how to convert TRUE/FALSE cells into the Tick box format in bulk. I tried using copy/paste special of formats (from the tick boxes to the boolean cells), but to no avail.

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right-click on the cell and select Data validation where:

enter image description here


I just found out that one way is the following:

  1. Create a bunch of Tick boxes of the right size (desired rows x columns) using Insert > Tick Box after selecting the desired range
  2. Copy the existing boolean values
  3. "Paste special" them as values into the empty Tick boxes created at 1.

Not very elegant but seems to do the job.


...you can try something like this if you need the checkbox to be the return/result of formula evaluation:


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