How can I see in Microsoft OneDrive web interface whether a file is still being uploaded by the Microsoft OneDrive desktop client?

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I'll try and answer both sides:

  • Onedrive web only shows documents that have been uploaded completely. This is because most sync clients use MD5/SHA (hashes) based synchronisation which means that the file integrity is ensured. It uses an algorithm (example) to create a value that is is checked with the local client to ensure consistency. You can read more about how you can check your file hashes yourself with onedrive in the onedrive API.

I'm unsure which OS you are using, but both Mac and Windows have:

  • Activity logs (when you click on the OneDrive icon (clouds) in Menubar/Taskbar
  • Finder/Explorer integration to show status of uploaded file. All files will have these icons.

Also it is good to clarify which OneDrive you are using, as there is OneDrive Personal and OneDrive business which works off sharepoint.

If you want to see a list of recently modified files in both you can click on the Recent tab on the left hand side in the web interface to see current items you have uploaded.

If you have OneDrive business, you can go to: Site settings > Storage Metrics under Site Collection Administration > Documents and click Last Modified column to get the Modified status about your sync library.

Hope that explains everything a bit!

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