I'm searching for a speding tracker app. I try DollarBird, Mint and some others, but no one have all the features that I'm looking for.

The features that I'm interested are:

  • Add expenses manually
  • Add custom categories
  • Add a expense and split it in several months. Every time you add a income to that pay, the app shows you the remaining amount.
  • See global amount spent in one specific expense. For example, see the total amount spent in Netflix suscriptions, not only in the "Suscriptions" category.

I don't know if exists an app with all theses features. The closest was DollarBird, but don't have some of the features that I need.

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    This question would probably be more relevant to softwarerecs.stackexchange.com instead of Web Applications. – Anderson Green Aug 5 '18 at 18:58
  • @AndersonGreen I think this user wants a webapp reccomendation, not downloadable software. – Nick Aug 6 '18 at 0:52
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    @Nick: Web application recommendation questions are on-topic at Software Recommendations. In any event, they are very much off topic here. – ale Aug 6 '18 at 18:52

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