I have done the following steps to configure an info@ address for our organization.

  1. Create the info@ on the users account.

  2. Add the info@ account on the user's account as "Send Mail As.."

Now, all this performs well, the user is able to send and receive as the alias address. But, something I noticed, in Gmail or Inbox, the user's name still appears on the address, and not the name of the alias. Similarly, once email has been sent to this address, the picture also get's updated to the User's current Google picture.

See this picture. The red arrow is depicting the users real name on the address instead of the info@ address, even though the email is not being sent to the user, but the alias.

So, my question is, is this possible as an alias? We don't want association to the original user, but we would also like to avoid a entirely separate Google Account if possible. Any ideas?

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  • Also, when receiving mail back from the user as th alias, the name and profile picture are also associating with the user and not the alias. – rberlando Aug 9 '18 at 17:10

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