I have a sheet tracking activity scores for players across multiple accounts in a game I play.

I am trying to format the scores so that the monthly cells (Columns I through T) will be red if the number for the month is less than the minimum required (column B), however, nothing I have tried seems to work from other similar questions I have looked at.

I tried a simple =I2<B2 but that ignored the 0 cells, which could be because they are results of a function which returns 0 if vlookup returns an error?

Using the Less than option in the drop down returns ever weirder results with only 2 of the cells not being red, both of which should actually be red...

I'm learning as I go so any advice would be appreciated!

Data Sheet

Basic Less than formatting


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  • select cell I2
  • set conditional format rules as:

...not sure which one you need:






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