I have data that represents the depth of an open mine in a transversal view.

Currently, it looks like this:

The graph as it is now

But since it represents the depth of a mine, I'd rather have it "flipped". So the y-axis, instead of going from 0 to 400, would need to go from 400 to 0.

And it would end up looking like this:

The graph as I want it

For now I did *-1 on all Y values to get the look of the second image, but that makes it go from -400 to 0, not exactly what I want.

I feel like this is probably a matter a checking a checkbox...

  • I'm not familiar with Google Sheets. Can you manipulate the values that are shown on the axis? Then having negative values and multiplying axis values with -1 (or using abs() function) would give you the desired result. – Jan Doggen Jun 13 at 12:12

I think I found the answer to this. 1. Select Chart Editor 2. Select Vertical axis Should be an option there for Reverse axis order

  • There isn't an option for the vertical axis. Only the horizontal axis – hordurh May 24 at 14:39

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