I have recently started using G Suite for my business email addresses. I am trying to set up a support@ email with multiple members by using Google Groups.

How can I allow anyone outside of the organization to send email messages to an alias that will be forwarded to multiple members? I do not have the option to choose "Public" when setting the post permissions in my group.

  • Under Groups Settings > Basic Settings> Post, you don't see an "Anyone on the web" setting?
    – Ian Hyzy
    Commented May 28, 2019 at 18:16

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For G Suite, you can configure a group to accept emails from anyone, but you can't do it at groups.google.com (where you configure most group settings). Instead:

  • Visit admin.google.com, sign in
  • Click the "Groups" tile
  • Hover over the group you want to change and click the "edit settings" link that appears

At this point you'll see a permissions grid that allows you to pick from a set of default access types (public, restricted, etc). From here:

  • Click the edit button (pencil, top right)
  • Click "Team" to set some reasonable defaults
  • Click the button at the intersection of "Publish posts" and "External"
  • Click "Save" (bottom right)

The button to click to enable public posting on a G Suite Google Group

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