I have looked at dozens of marketing/email platforms, aggregation tools, and open-source resources, but cannot for the life of me find a viable solution to this:


I have a client that wants a daily (if there are new posts) email to fire to a list of recipients. The email pulls product recalls, based on specific keywords, from about 30 various URLs (all with different XML structures).

My strategy:

I initially used FeedRinse + FetchRSS to customize/format/aggregate the feeds into HubSpot, but this did not satisfy the client, as they want the email to be broken into sections by country.

Is this even possible? I can't seem to find a way around it since even robust platforms like MailChimp only allow you to input one single RSS feed URL, so you're stuck with a single aggregation.

My other idea was to fire a separate email for each country, but the client rejected this idea.