I have a document where I am trying to mirror some data from one Google sheet to another. I have over 1000 rows in the first document; when I use the IMPORTRANGE formula it works fine as long as the last row in my formula is row 1000. Any row I add after that in the formula, I get a #REF error.

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    can you share a copy of your sheet or IMPORTRANGE formula you use? – user0 Aug 27 '18 at 17:22

there is no row limit around the 1000 milestone (for rows). you get the #REF! error probably due to some other issue. see this example:

spreadsheet A has range A1:Z2000

spreadsheet B uses the formula:

=IMPORTRANGE("1RVKzTRTKF7mnkf1LUqIwqSdYooonHBaLYqytgdYQktg", "Sheet1!A1:ZZ3000")

note the range A1:ZZ3000

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Seems to be a limit. Working on a 69 column doc with 5906 row entries. I can only populate 5500 rows in the new spreadsheet. Not sure why...

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