As a GSuite Administrator, is there a way for me to forward all messages coming from a user outside of my Enterprise to a specific user inside my Enterprise?

For example: I want all emails coming from john@example.com to be forwarded to pavel@myenterprise.com

Default routing doesn't seem to be the option I'm looking for.

Would appreciate any kind of help I can get.


I use default routing to act as a catch all for different domains. This rule should accomplish what you want.

  1. Specify envelope recipients to match:
    • Pattern match: john@example\.com
  2. If the envelope recipient matches the above, do the following
    • Headers
      1. Optionally add the X-Gm-Original-To header.
    • Modify message
      1. Subject: Prepend custom subject. I use this to test the rule.
      2. Envelope recipient:
        • Replace recipient: pavel@myenterprise.com
  3. Options
    • Perform this action on non-recognized and recognized addresses.

To see the route in action, go to Reports > Email Log Search (bottom of menu on left) and search for your email. Expand the sections to see how the email flowed through the system.

I use a similar rule to send all external email sent to a domain (sub-organization in G Suite) to an external gmail account.

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