I have a pretty simple problem that is for some reason killing me. I have the following script which should just autofill a formula down column O, then copy the values to column P (excuse my amateur coding):

function processData() {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
  var sheet = ss.getActiveSheet();
  var lastWorkDate = dateCheck();

function freeze() {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
  var sheet = ss.getActiveSheet();
  sheet.getRange('O:O').copyTo(sheet.getActiveRange(), SpreadsheetApp.CopyPasteType.PASTE_VALUES, false);

However, the copying just isn't doing anything. The script will successfully autofill O:O, but will fail to copy the values to P:P.

Manually running freeze() itself after running processData() (and thus already having O:O filled) works fine, so I figured it might be running too quickly and added the Utilities.sleep(1000), however, that's not helping either.

  • Hi there, first of all it seems like you might have copied something wrong from your original code? Look at the last line of processData(), after freeze();. Second, maybe try using SpreadsheetApp.flush(); before calling freeze();, as that will ensure all pending changes to the spreadsheet are made.
    – Mark
    Aug 28, 2018 at 16:21
  • 1
    @Mark you're right, that was a piece of code on the following line I had commented out. Have no idea how that got in there. Anyways, SpreadsheetApp.flush(); did the trick and even allowed me to remove the sleep. Thanks! If you can reply as an answer I can credit you.
    – Tock
    Aug 28, 2018 at 16:42
  • Okay, glad to hear it worked for you, @Tock!
    – Mark
    Aug 28, 2018 at 16:47

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In your processData() function, use the SpreadsheetApp.flush(); function just before calling freeze();. This will force any pending changes (such as updates to a large number of cells) to finish right away. See the API documentation for more information: SpreadsheetApp.flush()

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