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I have subscribed to mailing lists using Gmail's sub-addressing feature using plus '+' symbol.

The subscribed email address is of the format hikingfan+mailinglists@gmail.com and I can receive emails on the same address. But when I reply to an email it is sent without the sub-address tag i.e. hikingfan@gmail.com.

The sent message is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval since the list considers it as a post by a non-member to a members-only list.

Since hikingfan+mailinglists@gmail.com is already a member of the list, is there any way to send emails with the sub-addressing tag?

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You need to setup your + address for sending.

Go to Gmail settings by clicking the cog wheel button: Gmail settings menu

Click the Accounts tab.
Click Add another email address. Accounts settings

In the popup window that appears, fill in your + address. Leave Treat as an alias checked. Click Next step.

That should be it, really.

From now on, you'll be able to select hikingfan+mailinglists@gmail.com when composing a new email - notice how the From box is now a dropdown list of options: Compose window

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