The company I work for gives us Gmail addresses which are company managed. For a project I am doing, I have to work with an alias address. It wasn't my choice for it to be an alias, rather than a separate Gmail account, and unfortunately, I can't change this. Sometimes I have to send mail from the primary account, and sometimes from the alias.

I am having trouble keeping things nicely compartmentalized. What I wanted to do:

  • Sign into primary in Firefox, and set this primary address to be the default.

  • Sign into alias in Chrome, and set this alias address to be the default.

It's not working. When I change the settings in one browser, they carry over to the settings in the other browser.

How can I set things up to avoid having to double-check all my outbound email messages to ensure I'm sending the message from the desired address?

The only idea I've had so far is to use Outlook or Thunderbird for one of the addresses and then use the browser for the other. I'm not even sure that wouldn't get confused. This whole thing would be much easier if the secondary address were a real Gmail address rather than an alias.

  • how about using labels to separate them into two folders. or you can create a new account and set up to messages be automatically re-send to an alt account - this way you can have both open in one browser
    – user0
    Aug 30 '18 at 19:53
  • @user0 - I've set up some nice filters and labels already -- that's not the problem. The problem is with the originating address when I send messages. I don't like having to fuss with the dropdown to choose which address will be shown as the sender. Aug 30 '18 at 20:43

I had the same issue. I work for a team which is based in the USA and I have a USA email as well as an India one. Here's what I did.

Open Gmail and login with your primary account Once logged in, click on ADD Account and then add your alias/other email. Once added you can open the alias in another tab(and pin it maybe so that it can be differentiated easily). This way you won't even have to use 2 different browsers, however make sure you login to the browser with your primary account else it might screw up your hangout settings.

Hope this help.

  • Can I still do that, even though I already defined the alias account under "Accounts"? Should I kill the alias first, before doing your procedure? I think maybe what you're recommending amounts to NOT using the secondary account as an alias. I wonder what my company would think about that.... Sep 1 '18 at 12:57
  • You should be able to do it, I have the same setup and I don''t think that google accounts vary that much when it comes to enterprise accounts. Let me know your findings and if this doesn't work out I will ask my company's sys admin.
    – CAO
    Sep 3 '18 at 12:16
  • Would you mind going ahead and asking? My company is very budget conscious and I wouldn't want to rock the boat. Also, it's small and people are stretched pretty thin, plus I work remote, so it's difficult for me to figure out who sets these things up. Sep 3 '18 at 20:15
  • Alright, I asked him. He said that this can be done and it won't be a billable entity as the alias already exists. Times I wish this site allowed remote access, I would have gladly set it up for you.
    – CAO
    Sep 10 '18 at 13:25

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