A post on Slack is a great way to quickly create and share structured and formatted information. I use it mostly to document custom features of our Slack workspace for our users.

I am now looking into making a checklist for onboarding and I want to create a template and then duplicate that template each time I need to use the checklist.

However, there does not seem to be a way to duplicate an existing post. Does anybody know a way to do it?

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The Slack support team answered my question and its indeed not possible to duplicate posts. However, they suggested a workaround.

Here is the reply from the Slack support team:

There isn't a way to duplicate messages natively in Slack just yet, but I am more than happy to pass your message along to the team so they can consider adding this down the road!

Currently, the way we work around this in Slack is to create templates and pin them to channels. You can make sure the template Post isn't modified by unticking the box to "Let others edit this Post" when sharing the Post initially. Similarly, formatted messages can only be modified by the creator of the message so you won't need to worry about these being modified.

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