I'm trying to create a small calendar, which is built like this:

A1: = DATE(2018, 1, 1);

B4: = A1
C4: = A1 + 1
D4: = A1 + 2

This works fine and the columns B2 … D4 looks ok:

Mon, 01/01 | Tue, 02/01 | Wed, 03/01

Now I want to fill all weekends and their following rows gray, like:

Fri, 05/01 (F4, white) | Sat, 06/01 (G4, gray)
white                  | gray
white                  | gray
white                  | gray

I come up with this formula:


which works fine for one cell. Now I wanted to apply this to the whole column, like:

Apply to range: F4:F25
Apply to range: G4:G25

But, this is what it looks like now:

Fri, 05/01 (F4, white) | Sat, 06/01 (G4, gray)
gray                   | gray
gray                   | gray
gray                   | gray

Why isn't this working as expected? Do I need to create a custom format for every single cell? That would be a huge letdown, especially, when copying a cell with conditional formatting, this cell is simply added to the range.


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you need to lock it down with $ symbol otherwise it will be offset (like in your case) or not working as it should.

the custom formula you are looking for is: =OR(WEEKDAY(B$4)=1, WEEKDAY(B$4)=7) applied to B4:I25

  • Thanks a lot - I just came home and was preparing an example file for your. :D This works perfectly. I didn't know about the $ operator. That's pretty neat. Thank you very much.
    – lampshade
    Commented Sep 4, 2018 at 18:07

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