I found here how to copy an HTML signature to a Gmail address: Insert HTML markup into Gmail signature

I would like to get something like this:(image is hosted on a server):

enter image description here

However, I did not manage to align the image left of the text with the Rich Text editor. Is this possible? That's what I managed so far:

enter image description here


you can create customized HTML table at: https://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit


<td><img src="https://i.imgur.com/heRClds.jpg?1">



Aerys II Targaryen<br/>
<b>House of Targaryen</b> - Dragonstone<br/>
<a href="https://i.imgur.com/CTpv3kp.jpg">no-internet-in-westeros.edu</a>



and then copy/paste this code to the signature box by force:

  • first, right-click on the signature box and select Inspect

  • then right-click on the highlighted div and select Edit as HTML

  • paste your HTML code between div tags and click into signature box again when done and press SPACE key otherwise code won't be accepted as input

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I found a way how to solve this. Go to Google Docs, create a table:

enter image description here

Customize the border of the table:

enter image description here

One can copy this in the Gmail signature:

enter image description here

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Wow, make all kinds of HTML code... that will send most of your mail right to the virus filter.

Just make an image of the whole thing and insert that.

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  • Would be nice if the links in the signature are clickable. And if you add an image to your mail its not plain text anyway. – Adam Feb 15 at 19:37

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