Using the Avery Google Docs Add-on I am attempting to make some labels with QR codes on them.

You will need to open Google Docs then install the add-on in docs. you will also need a spreadsheet with a couple columns and rows of data to use it.

In my case; I can use the deprecated Google Docs Chart and a free QR Code API to create QR codes in Google Sheets. Both using the same =IMAGE(URL, [mode], [height], [width]) formula. For example




Cell A2 holds the data I want in the QR Code.

Example Google Sheet
The Avery add-on doesn't seem to add the QR Codes from either column. It just creates a table to match the Avery template with any text I've included. Nothing more. I have found manually copy-pasting works but that defeats the purpose of a merging app.

Does anyone have any other methods to auto-merge QR codes from google sheets or other solution?


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Unfortunately, this is a limitation of Google Docs, not add-on Avery Label Merge. The issue is that Google Document is unable to read =IMAGE() formula from Google Spreadsheet, therefore not auto-importing any images (while mare 1-by-1 copy/paste works).

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