We use Office 365 within our organization. Since we have critical messages to be delivered without delay, we cannot tolerate miss-typed recipient mail address. I am seeking a solution to be informed right-away in any connection failure for queued messages. For example:

  • Report messages in a queue with "connection timed-out" for one hour to the given admin address.
  • Report failed messages (besides NDR messages sent to sender) to given admin address.

The background story of this needed for a solution:

One of my users sent a mail with a miss-typed address. Unfortunately, the miss-typed domain exists and there is no MX record. However, an A record exists but it doesn't have a Mail service. So queued messages fail with "Connection Timed Out". At the end of 2 days, NDR (Non-Delivery-Report) arrives.

I need either a report/alert solution or custom retry settings for this issue.

EDIT : Official response from Office 365 Help-Desk. There is no such solution available. I submitted the request on User-Voice

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