In Google sheets when I try to plot the mutual fund price for the last one year using sparkline function, I keep getting an error.

When evaluating GOOGLEFINANCE, the query for the symbol: DSP_TAX_SAVE_9IDIGA returned no data.

The Code that I am using to plot is as follows:

=sparkline(GoogleFinance(A1, "price", today()-365, today(), "daily"))

A1 can be any mutual fund symbol example DSP_TAX_SAVE_9IDIGA

It used to work well in the past but has stopped working since last few months and I have searched extensively for a solution but not able to find anything. Can someone please help here.

Note 1: DSP_TAX_SAVE_9IDIGA is a valid symbol

Note 2: I am facing the same issue with all the Mutual funds with respect to sparkline and morningstarrating


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